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First 5 members to post their Bingo Mega username will receive a £/$/€ 5 bonus!

September 15, 2010 in Online Bingo

First 5 members to post their Bingo Mega username will receive a £/$/€ 5 bonus!

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Player Bags Dimes Progressive Jackpot at Bingo Gala

December 24, 2009 in Online Bingo

Bingo Gala, an established leader in the online bingo industry, announced today that one of their regular members scooped the Dimes Progressive Jackpot on the 12th December for a huge $3,734.92.

The player known as “barbiewhy” of Desmoines, Iowa has been a member at Bingo Gala since June 2003 and this is what she had to say about her big win: “I was in shock. I screamed and my whole family came running. They kept screaming are you sure? After we all calmed down and made several phone calls telling friends and family about my big win I realized just how good God has been to me.”

The money came at a very good time for this cheerful player: “Our funds have been limited but because of Bingo Gala my family will have a very Merry Christmas and we are going to spread the love and support to a family who is in need.”

Bingo Gala are using the experience they gained since 2000 in running this popular online bingo room by offering some fantastic promotions, tournaments and exciting bingo games but it’s the huge progressive jackpots that are at stake on a daily basis that make this bingo room a very attractive destination.

With Bingo Gala giving away more cash prizes than ever before, it’s never been a better time for you to try out some of their games and chat to players from around the world.

Sign up for a free account today and take advantage of their exclusive $10 Free No Deposit Bonus, their 200% Welcome Bonus plus up to 100% Bonus on all other deposits.

For more information you can visit Bingo Gala at

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Free Bingo 24/7 at Bingo Gala

December 12, 2009 in Online Bingo

Bingo Gala, has launched 2 new bingo halls including an all free bingo hall. The free bingo hall called Sub-Zero, allows members to play free bingo online 24/7 and win real cash.

A new game starts every 10 minutes with a Jackpot of $100 and a prize of $1 up for grabs. While playing bingo, players can also enjoy a variety of side games including slots, keno, pull tabs and more.

In addition to the Sub-Zero room, Bingo Gala also launched its Ritz Hall.    This plays classic 75 ball bingo games with the maximum number of cards that can be purchased being 24. This gives a greater chance for players who prefer to purchase less cards to win.

Visit for more details.

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Global recession takes a Blow at Bingo!

November 27, 2009 in Online Bingo

November 27, 2009 | by admin | posted in Bingo News

The Global recession seems to have left no stone unturned. From Northern Rock to Lehman Brothers and from Dubai to Bingo!

The online bingo world was in turn to take a taste of its mighty punch this week as a few prominent names in the industry have shut their doors to their online members.

Interactive Playnet, which powered games such as Rainbow Bingo, Exotic Bingo, Fun Bingo, Comedy Bingo and a few others, has this week ceased all of its operations leaving not only their players but also licensees and affiliates out in the cold!

To many industry insiders this was widely anticipated, seeing how many of the newcomers to the industry try to attract new members by offering ridiculous amounts of bonuses, huge prizes and spending millions on marketing at a time when bingo players are playing on the tightest of budgets.

Luckily for all existing members of Interactive Playnet however, you do also have the Big names in the industry who are ready and waiting for just such an opportunity to arise, come in and take over.

In Interactive Playnet’s case, Bingo Entertainment Ltd., one of the oldest and most successful names in the online bingo industry, operating since 1999, came to the rescue by merging Interactive Playnet’s accounts into one of their games databases and securing all players funds.

be1aRichard Chambers, CEO of Bingo Entertainment Ltd: “It is sad when you see something like this happen. Being one of the first online bingo operators, I have seen many, and I do mean many, bingo operations come and go during my 11 years in the business. Some have been fraudulent and others as is the case with Interactive Playnet, a simple issue of mismanagement.”

“Our Policy at Bingo Entertainment Ltd has always been slowly but surely. We don’t go over our heads and we always try and maintain all of our departments in-house. This gives us more control of our developments and operations at a much lower cost. It is this approach that has kept us way above our competitors and I am sure will do for many years to come.”

Lets just hope that all such cases have a happy ending as Interactive Playnet’s has!

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Nickels Progressive Jackpot Scooped at Bingo Gala

November 20, 2009 in Online Bingo

It was just revealed that another lucky Jackpot winner was crowned at the popular online bingo site Bingo Gala.

 The player that goes by the nickname “mightymopar” won the $1,561.01 Nickels Progressive Jackpot on the 15th November and this is what he said about his win: “I couldn’t believe I hit the jackpot, it took me a few seconds to actually realize what had happened. I like to play when there is only 15 to 20 players, usually early morning for me, when no one else is up and when I’m down to 1 number I like to look away and keep repeating the number I need until it is called. That is what happened when I hit the jackpot.”

 The money couldn’t have come at a better time for the player from Greenville in Michigan: “I am going shopping the day after Thanksgiving for Christmas gifts for my 3 kids. Thanks to you it is going to be a great Christmas. To all the other players I would tell them to keep playing and keep their hopes up it could happen to them.”

 Bingo Gala is well known for its huge cash prizes, great promotions and tournaments but the massive Progressive Jackpots available have been attracting players from around the world for years.

 Join Bingo Gala now and receive a 200% Welcome Bonus and probably the best online bingo experience you could find.